Election Guide 2017

As we prepare to vote in the general election (11–23 September), let’s consider not only which parties and candidates we WANT to represent us, but also which ones we DON’T want to govern us.

Party vote

Every party vote will help either National or Labour form a government. Let’s ask ourselves, ‘Would a National-led or Labour-led government represent my values the best? Would my party vote help bring about my preferred government, or might it actually have the opposite effect because the race is so close?’

Party views on euthanasia and assisted suicide

Party views on other issues


Candidate vote

Unfortunately it’s NOT an equal playing field. Only candidates with a very high profile well in advance of the election period stand a chance against candidates representing the major parties. Usually the candidate from the most popular party wins the electorate vote.

Let’s ask ourselves, “Which candidates do I want to be MPs? Which of the two leading candidates represents my values the best?” A vote for any other candidate would likely help the leading candidate to win.


Leading candidates and their views

Here are the candidates who are most likely to win, their likelihood of being in Parliament as List MPs, as well as how they intend to vote on the Seymour Bill

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