Media Releases on the End of Life Choice Debate in NZ


Beware Brooke van Velden’s EOLC misinformation (5 August 2020)

Seymour sows prejudice against EOLC Act poll  (22 July 2020)

EOLC flyer is misleading and biased (20 July 2020)

End of Life Choice Act is inferior to Victoria’s Act  (20 February 2020)

Parliament passes Bill lacking important safeguards  (13 November 2019)

New poll illustrates confusion about euthanasia bill  (11 November 2019)

World Medical association (WMA) reaffirms opposition to euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide  (27 October 2019)

Disabled people petition Parliament to amend euthanasia bill  (25 September 2019)

Parliament rejects accountability safeguards in euthanasia bill  (12 September 2019)

Parliament dismisses doctors, Hospices after farcical debate  (22 August 2019)

Poll: Kiwis oppose Implications of euthanasia process  (20 August 2019)

End of Life Choice Bill progresses by smaller margin  (26 June 2019)

Kiwi sentenced for assisted suicides of disabled people  (20 June 2019)

New Curia poll reveals unease with euthanasia legislation  (22 May 2019)

New poll shows less support for euthanasia  (19 May 2019)

End of Life Choice Bill is “unworkable” and arbitrary  (9 April 2019)

Poll results don’t support the End of Life Choice Bill  (31 March 2019)

Oral submissions are overwhelmingly opposed and areligious  (31 March 2019)

David Seymour is grasping at straws trying to salvage his death bill  (14 December 2018)

The majority of Kiwis are confused about what ‘assisted dying’ means  (1 November 2018)

Euthanasia society president charged with murder of disabled man  (20 September 2018)

End of Life Choice Bill inappropriate for suicide rate  (24 August 2018)

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day  (15 June 2018)

Austen case shows law Is working  (23 February 2018)

Poll: Widespread confusion about ‘assisted dying’  (13 December 2017)

New South Wales rejects assisted dying’ bill  (17 November 2017)

Suicide and assisted dying are two sides of the same coin  (11 September 2017)

New York High Court decides ‘aid-in-dying’ is assisted suicide  (8 September 2017)

David Seymour’s bill would undermine suicide prevention  (28 August 2017)

Interactive webinars on living and dying  (17 August 2017)

Seymour Bill discriminates against young people  (10 August 2017)

Report confirms majority opposition to ‘assisted dying’  (2 August 2017)

MPs should not take Horizon survey seriously  (19 June 2017)

End of Life Choice Bill should be voted down  (8 June 2017)

Two-thirds of doctors oppose ‘assisted dying’ according to slammed survey  (2 June 2017)

Submissions against euthanasia shatter assumptions  (5 May 2017)

Overseas experts to speak to the Health Select Committee   (6 March 2017)

Survey does not reflect attitudes to the law   (13 January 2017)

Dutch bill proposes euthanasia for over 75s  (20 December 2016)

Euthanasia-Free NZ denounces new suicide organisation  (15 December 2016)

South African court invalidates case cited by Lecretia Seales  (8 December 2016)

‘Assisted dying’ legislation would violate the ‘right to die’  (16 November 2016)

New Zealand man died by suicide with the help of EXIT International  (7 November 2016)

World Suicide Prevention Day  (10 September 2016)

Three-quarters of submitters oppose legal assisted suicide  (12 August 2016)

Disabled people protest against “Me Before You”  (16 June 2016)

Why is David Seymour hesitant to defend his bill?  (30 October 2015)

David Seymour withdraws from euthanasia debate  (29 October 2015)

Restrictions on euthanasia advocate’s suicide promotion  (26 October 2015)

Euthanasia bill is open to wide interpretation  (14 October 2015)

Groundbreaking study links legal ‘assisted dying’ to an increase in suicide rates  (7 October 2015)

Assisted dying counter-productive to combating high suicide rate  (6 October 2015)

California legalises assisted suicide as a cost-cutting measure by circumventing the normal legislative process  (6 October 2015)

UK decision sends a clear message to New Zealand   (12 September 2015)

Assisted suicide legislation contradicts suicide prevention  (10 September 2015)

Health Select Committee Inquiry on Suicide  (26 August 2015)

UK anti-euthanasia campaigner visiting New Zealand  (18 August 2015)

Euthanasia rates have not increased  (24 July 2015)

Anti-euthanasia demonstration draws a diverse crowd  (24 June 2015)

The wider implications of legal assisted suicide need to be considered  (5 June 2015)

Dr Kevin Yuill visiting from the UK  (21 May 2015)

Advanced Care Planning Day  (16 April 2015)

Lecretia Seales’ statement to the High Court  (22 March 2015)

Supreme Court decision relied on biased reports  (8 February 2015)

Labour Party drops euthanasia bill  (15 December 2014)

Withdrawal of Maryan Street’s Bill  (27 September 2013)