Media release – 6 March 2017

Today is the last scheduled day for oral submissions on the Petition on Hon Maryan Street and 8,975 others on “assisted dying”.

According to Parliament’s website, 88 submitters are booked to speak today, including at least 16 from overseas. Of these, 67 (76%) are opposed to the legalisation of assisted suicide and euthanasia, 17 (19%) are supportive of a law change, and 4 (5%) have not communicated a clear stance in their written submissions.

Today’s distribution of views is part of a consistent pattern.

The record 21,435 unique written submissions communicated a majority opposition to changing the law. According to a random analysis, 78% (about 16,700) of written submissions are opposed, and only 22% (about 4,700) are in favour of changing the law.


Today’s noteworthy submitters include:


The oral hearings will be held at Parliament House from 10 am to 4 pm and are open to the public.