Media Release


“MP Maryan Street’s reluctant withdrawal of the End of Life Choices Bill from the Parliamentary ballot system until after the next election will provide the much needed time to educate the New Zealand community and Members of Parliament about the hazards of legalising euthanasia”, said Professor Emeritus David Richmond, spokesperson for Euthanasia-Free NZ.

“Public opinion polls that appear to show a majority in favour of legalising euthanasia reflect the one-sided nature of the debate thus far in New Zealand – largely the fault of the media – the simplistic nature of the questions asked and the ignorance of the majority of New Zealanders about the wider issues involved”, he said.

He called for a redoubling of efforts on the part of all groups and organisations opposed to the Bill to alert the public to the danger to society, including the loss of human freedom, that accompanies legalised euthanasia. 

“It is quite clear that the withdrawal of the Bill is politically motivated and that it will re-appear on Parliament’s agenda after the next election.  It will be important by then that the majority of constituents should be of a mind to influence their local MPs to vote the Bill down”, he concluded.